At first glance, travel seems obvious and tangible. We plan a trip, pour over maps and guides, then eagerly decide on how we prioritise our bucket list to match our allocated funds. Flights and accommodation are booked, bags packed, and off we go.

Is it that simple and one-dimensional? According to the dictionary, travel means “to go from one place to another”. Often, we forget the intangible places we visit: stories printed on pages allow our minds to travel and become open to ideas, places, people and cultures. Adventures unfold. People are met; they become so familiar that a connection forms, which has an ability to change who we are and how we think. Daydreaming or blue mindfulness (when we gaze into the sea and let our minds wander) form a part of travel, too. Our outlook makes a difference.

There are two ways we can view life: everything is amazing or nothing is amazing. This common saying is a derivative of Helen Keller’s words: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” And considering Keller was deaf and blind, she had an inspirational way of perceiving the world … our world.

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