If you’re someone who enjoys surfing, there are plenty of spots around the world to scratch your itch. But what are the best places to surf in the United States in 2022? We offer up six suggestions to help plan your next adventure.

North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Home of the Triple Crown of Surfing competitions, Oahu’s North Shore is where surfing legends go to make a name for themselves.

Referred to as the “Seven Mile Miracle” — where the world-famous Pipeline surfing break resides — some of the world’s most incredible and most challenging breaks can be found here, with 30-foot waves common between October to April each year.

Although North Shore is the best place to surf in the U.S. in 2022, for those inexperienced riders, it’s best to pick a spot on the sand watch the pros tackle the enormous swells. However, nearby Chun’s Reef and Haleiwa Beach Park are good beginner spots.

Huntington Beach, California

A longtime mecca for riders in SoCal, Huntington Beach continues to be one of the best places to surf in the U.S. no matter what year the calendar reads.

Commonly referred to as “Surf City USA,” this beach offers a number of surf schools, surf camps, and surf shops, all of which welcome riders of all skill level. And whether you’re planning to ride waves or watch the big breaks, there may not be a better spot in the country to do it from than Huntington Beach.

Half Moon Bay, California

“Mavericks” is Half Moon’s biggest surf break, and welcomes surfers from all across the world to ride. With big swells often available between November and March, some of the most massive waves can be found here.

For beginner surfers not yet ready to tackle the most extreme breaks, the Half Moon Bay Jetty is a better option to remain safe — while still getting adventure.

Santa Cruz, California

One of the world’s most popular surf towns, Santa Cruz brings everything a rider wants when on a board. From gentle waves to massive swells meant for the most experienced surfers, this is the place to be when the sun is shining.

The most popular spots are Steamer Lane and Pleasure Point, with the latter offering a wide variety of breaks for both beginners and pros.

Regardless of skill level, Santa Cruz is one of the best places to surf on the planet, with the city also boasting plenty of activities after brushing the sand off your feet and removing your wetsuit.

Seaside, Oregon

Somewhat of a hidden gem amongst the crowded beaches on the West Coast, Seaside, Oregon is one of the best places to surf in the U.S. thanks to some of the best breaks in the Pacific Northwest.

With miles of expansive sandy beaches, Seaside has plenty of options for all levels, with two surf schools available for beginners.

Although “The Cove” at Seaside is often filled with riders, it can be a bit packed during the summer months when more tourists visit. In that case, nearby Gearhart is a great alternative.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Most people only associate the West Coast with the best places to surf in the U.S., but don’t sleep on some of the other regions. One of those spots happens to be Cocoa Beach, Florida, which is a beach town centered around surfing.

Not only is Cocoa Beach the hometown of icon Kelly Slater, but it also hosts the annual NKF Rich Salick Pro/Am Surf Fest each Columbus Day Weekend.

With a pier that offers plenty of riders every day, the scenery also involves more than 800 feet of restaurants and bars for post-ride fun.