Joel Tudor, a pro surfer since the age of 14 who won his first ASP Longboard World Championship in 1998 and the U.S. Open of longboarding eight times, is speaking up for equality in the World Surf League.

While the World Surf League typically claims equality between men and women surfers, Joel Tudor doesn’t see it that way, highlighting social media posts that show much more engagement for the latter than the former.

It’s because of this, among other reasons, why Tudor believes women deserve more of a cut, especially since female longboarding tends to dominate its advertisements during events. Additionally, per a recent Firewire study, female longboarding offers the biggest growth sector in the surf world.

On Joel Tudor’s personal Instagram account, he specifically called out the World Surf League about the inequality he sees between men and women.

Yo @wsl @jessmileydyer @elo_eriklogan can y’all explain this kind of equality? Not very woke of you to treat the log gals with so much disrespect in regards to pay? It’s kinda clear on your own Instagram which style is more favored by your audience! Urging all log gals , parents & friends to write the @wsl asking why this is still happening….also they are planning on canceling the longboard tour to a one event stop! Hit em up , post about it & make some noise to make things right!! Awoooooooooo!

While nobody knows for sure what might come of Joel Tudor’s plea to the World Surf League, it’s an argument that must be taken seriously by the organization. Sure, the World Surf League’s in the business of making money, but at what moral cost?

There’s no denying that the data supports the interest in women’s longboarding. Could Joel Tudor generate enough of an argument for female riders to get more opportunities to make money like their male counterparts? That’s a question that will come in the near future.