About Us

Our Purpose in Surfing

We know the internet has an endless supply of free surf content, so why would you buy a magazine?

In Surfing Life, you get surf content you can’t find on the internet, content that will make a real and immediate difference to your surfing life.

We print six issues a year, each totally dedicated to a single topic: Surf Travel, Surf Culture, Waves, Technique, Surfboards, and Surfers. With this level of focus we are able to produce content of the quality, depth, and substance that will make a real and immediate difference to your surfing life.

This “more focused, more informed” publishing approach is what makes us valuable, and why each issue of Surfing Life is considered an essential resource to thousands of surfers around the world.

We do digital. We have a thriving social media following and this very website, but our focus is on print because in the world of surfing, surf magazines have the credibility, authority, and timelessness that no digital product can replace. It’s a beautiful counterbalance to the crazy digital world we live in.

Reader Supported

Surfing Life is an independent reader-supported magazine. Advertising on all our channels is kept to a minimum to preserve a premium content experience. Look at this very site, for example. You’ll very rarely see more than one solitary ad. Our advertisers are not pitched, and we don’t compromise our principles to attract ad dollars. They take ads because they believe in what we’re doing and want to support us. We appreciate that, but we don’t depend on them. We depend on you, because without our readers, we have no purpose, no reason, and no will to exist. So, if you like what we do and see the value, buy a copy, tell a friend about us, subscribe, or gift a subscription to a lucky surfing buddy. Your support is what keeps us going.