Perfect barrels at Noosa's Rivermouth

Perfect Noosa Barrels

It's not just the Gold Coast points that have been firing lately.

Ryan Hipwood surfing Kirra - by Andrew Shield

Shield Super Session: Welcome Home To Pumping Kirra

Parko, Bede and Hippo back from Fiji and straight into a heavy jetski-assisted session at the GC's famed point break. 


Would you paddle out on a surfboard to drop a bait line to great whie sharks? These guys did.

What do you need to hunt the world's greatest hunter? How about some fishing line and a six-pack.

Directed by Gary Doust Tropfest Australia 2008

3rd Prize Winner

Also by Gary Doust, see:

MP wetsuit 1

Michael Peterson

Nick Carroll remembering the man, the myth, the legend...

MP cuttie 1

RIP Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson's iconic cutback image was immortalised by some street artists on the carpark wall right opposite Surfing Life's office window years ago. And with today's news about the passing of MP the image takes on extra significance.

Andy Irons Tribute by Surfer Magazine

Andy Irons was awarded the No.6 position in the Surfer Poll 2010. Watch this 3 part special tribute to the Peoples Champ' The best ever tribute of Andy Irons by Matt Beauchesne

Songs: Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over Muse - Knights of Cydonia M83 - Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun

irons3689tahiti10kirstin m

How I Remember Andy

On the eve of his 11th World Title Kelly Slater took the time to write down his thoughts about Andy Irons and his death 12 months ago.

Bruce Irons on TMZ

Surfing goes mainstream and Bruce Irons makes TMZ

Hitler’s Surf Trip Ruined

Hitler armed with an unglassed semi gun is an angry Hitler. 

Best Surfing Ride Ever Recorded! 30 Sec – Cory Lopez surfing perfect wave!

Longest Tube Ride Ever Recorded! Cory Lopez surfing perfect wave he is in the tube for thirty seconds! Also includes some waves of Andy Irons (RIP).


Surfer Dies At The Alley

A surfer was killed today after being run over by a boat at Currumbin Alley. The 41 year old surfer was paddling back out into the line-up when he was struck by a man returning from a fishing trip in an aluminium runabout.


Andy Irons Remembered, Revered, Celebrated

About 200 friends and family of Andy Irons this morning celebrated the fallen surfer’s incredible life with a moving paddle out at the site of the Rip Curl Pro Search event in Puerto Rico...


Three Time World Surfing Champion Andy Irons Has Died

According to sources close to Andy, AI was en route to his home in Hawaii following the onset of a bout of dengue fever in Puerto Rico, where he was competing in the Rip Curl Search event.


A must see short film from renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith.

Tim Curran Backflip

Californian's Timmy Curran puts up a Hail Mary and lands a backflip...


Eye Witness To A Tragedy

When Ed Kilgallon got up and went for his morning constitutional surf in Gracetown today, he had no idea of the horrible episode he was about to become part of.

An ASL Reader Pays Tribute to a Mate

Matthew Peter Hamblin
30th August 1983 – 29th July 2009


If you’re in Sydney this Saturday and bored shitless by the forecast near-flat surf, you could do WAY worse than find your way to Maroubra Beach, where at 10:15 am, you’ll get to watch a Celebrity Drop-in. Bullshit! you cry, celebrities don’t drop in on each other!


ASL DIY! Wrapping Up May 10

OK surf kings, May 10 is done and dusted. The results are in…and while they didn’t add up quite the way that mad original forecast chart suggested, the storm did form, it did sling a lot of swell at the coast we expected it to sling at, the winds were good (better than expected actually), and many disgustingly sick waves were ridden.

ASL DIY! Forecasting The Surf, Part 6

Here we are within five days of Touchdown, and the whole combo is still flaring away out there in Forecast Land. Big pressure gradient, high over Tassie, low on top of NZ, wind to buggery and back.

ASL DIY! Forecasting The Surf, Part 5

The forecast continues to firm in the direction of Mega Bombshell.

ASL DIY! Forecasting The Surf UPDATE

With less than a week till Our Magic Day, the forecast chart is growing more and more certain of itself. Strong low in the eastern Tasman Sea, strong high over Vicco-Tassie.

ASL DIY! Forecasting The Surf Part 2

Boom. The forecast wheel’s spun again. May 10 now looks like the crazy swell monster we’d spotted two days back.

ASL DIY! Forecasting The Surf

Hi there kids! Ever wonder why there’s so much surf forecasting going on these days – but nobody ever tells you HOW?